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Romantic love is a key goal for many people. Falling in love with someone can feel exciting, even exhilarating. But over time, these feelings may settle into something that feels a little different.

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Regardless of your age, gender, sexualityor physical and mental health, you — and everyone around you — needs love and affection. This in turn, encourages bonding, reduces pain, and creates an overall calming sensation. Feelings of love and affection even appear to carry with them numerous health benefits by lowering your blood pressure, stabilizing your mood, and much more. The mental, emotional, and social advantages of receiving love and affection speak for themselves. Aside from helping you to maintain positive, long-lasting relationships, your confidence and self-esteem get a major boost.

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Have you ever questioned whether your partner still loves you? You also might be speaking a different love language than your partner. We all give and receive love in 5 different ways: words of affirmation, acts of service, receiving gifts, quality time, and physical touch.

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Gary Chapman through his long-time work as a marriage counsellor. When words of affirmation is your love language, words build you up. You thrive on spoken affection, praise, encouragement, and compliments.

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Harsh words and criticism can bother you for a long time. Anything that your partner does willingly to ease your workload is a of love to you.

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You feel cared for when your partner vacuums before you get to it or makes you breakfast as a surprise. On the other hand, broken promises or laziness can make you feel unimportant.

One of the best kept secrets of happiness is to love and take care of others.

When you speak this love language, a thoughtful gift shows to you that you are special. In contrast, generic gifts and forgotten special events have the opposite effect.

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When your partner is truly present and not looking at their phoneit makes you feel important. Failure to actively listen or long periods without one-on-one time can make you feel unloved. Holding hands, kisses, hugs, and other touches are your preferred way to show and receive love.

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Appropriate touches convey warmth and safety, while physical neglect can drive a wedge between you and your partner. Most of us have one or two preferred love languages — often different than our ificant other's. If you express your love through your preferred love language, the chances are that it goes unnoticed by your partner.

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Say that your love language is gifts, and you often surprise your partner with thoughtful gifts. How does it make you feel when they just have a quick look at your thoughtful present? Meanwhile, your partner hardly values gifts but appreciates acts of service.

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It would mean the world to them if you did chores around the house instead of buying gifts. Is your partner feeling loved?

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You can do the free love languages test on the 5 love languages website. Love languages apply to non-romantic relationships as well, and the website includes tests for children and teens.

You even find their quirks attractive.

See our couples class. See our therapeutic support groups for healthy relationships.

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