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Note: You can Hotwife font size, font face, and turn on date mode by clicking the "A" icon tab in the Story Info Box. Please consider leaving feedback on issues you experience or suggest improvements. As they stepped into the club, Michael took a deep breath and exhaled preparing himself for an exciting, hopefully fun-filled evening with his beautiful wife Lauren.

It had taken years of gentle prodding and more than a small amount of dirty talk to encourage Lauren to play along with these occasions. Now, every month the couple had an arranged "date night" often in-town but sometimes, like tonight, they snuck away to a nearby city for the evening.

It allowed for greater discretion so they both could let loose a bit more.

As they passed out of the cool night air and into the dark, rhythmic ambience of the nightclub, Michael looked down at Hotwife yet again feeling a sense of pride and excitement at his wife's appearance. It was hard to believe this was the same woman from their wedding more than five year ago. Since their first time together, Lauren and Michael had always had unparalleled chemistry in the bedroom.

In fact, while most people considered Lauren quiet, deep-down she had a strong, raw sexual energy that Michael loved. However, between work and children, life had gotten rather busy so a free evening Hotwife un-checked passion didn't come along often.

Moreover, Michael wasn't finished pushing the boundaries of where they could go sexually and these date nights were the perfect outlet for his desires. While Lauren didn't have Michael's need for exploration, they were both curious about where these nights might take them and how far they would be willing to go. While Michael had a wide range of inclinations, his favorite centered around exhibitionism and the idea of showing off his stunning wife. On their Caribbean honeymoon and at Michael's insistence, Lauren had reluctantly worn a thong bikini on the beach.

Watching his new bride walk through the sand with her pert, full ass on display was exhilarating.

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Seeing how the front seam on the hot pink bottoms perfectly outlined Lauren's pussy nearly induced a heart attack. From that point forward, he always pushed her to dress more provocatively. As his eyes adjusted to the light, Michael scanned his wife's figure admiring the sensuality and confidence that she exuded. Lauren had pulled out all of the stops for this evening. Her long brown hair was blown out and date to her shoulders framing her face and long neck. She had meticulously applied her makeup knowing his preference all too well. Heavy, dark eyeshadow and a bright bubblegum pink lipstick with matching nails.

Hotwife around her neck was a token from one of their earlier date nights: a golden choker-style necklace that shimmered in the light.

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But it was her dress that really made her stand out of the crowd. She had surprised him with it on Monday and he spent the rest of the week envisioning how she would look in it.

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The dress was a bodycon style with thin spaghetti straps and fell just above the knee. At first glance it didn't seem too daring.

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However, the black silken fabric was actually very fine mesh bunched together. As Lauren moved, the dress shifted and tightened in certain places allowing hints of her smooth, pale skin to peek through.

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It wasn't totally date but was transparent enough to tantalize her husband and every other red-blooded male in the club. The dress had a built in bustier with extra fabric so Lauren had Hotwife a bra knowing that her perky, full breasts would be comfortable and not entirely visible.

Panties had been more of a challenge. Anything full coverage would be noticeable and bright colors were out. So she wore a white g-string that didn't contrast much against her skin. To top it all off, she wore a pair of strappy pumps that just barely allowed for dancing. In short, she was dressed to kill. Passing through the crowded entranceway, they could see that nightclub was a pleasant balance between an intimate lounge and a European dance scene with loosely defined areas for each.

It wasn't quite midnight so the space was still filling up.

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Most of the patrons appeared to be about their age as the club's high cost likely helped to date out the youngest, wildest groups. However, Michael did see a few circles of mostly younger males and guessed this spot was popular for more bachelor parties as well. Pushing through the crowd, Michael led Lauren up to a small side bar and they both ordered drinks. While they were waiting for Hotwife cocktails, Lauren leaned into his ear and said "I'm going to find the restroom and freshen up.

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Back in a minute. Hotwife picking up their drinks, Michael found a still vacant high-top table near the dance floor and took in the scene while enjoying a few sips of his strong bourbon. A recent top hit was playing and with forty or so people out on the floor there was still plenty Hotwife room for a larger crowd. Eventually Michael spotted Lauren coming down a set of stairs near the central bar. As she reached the main floor, a rotating light briefly passed over her and illuminated her semi-sheer dress. For a split-second Michael caught a glimpse of Lauren's large breasts and the outline of her small nipples but just as quickly the light moved on.

As Lauren slowly surveyed the room for Michael, a young tall male approached her and caught her attention. He leaned in towards Lauren and after a few exchanges gestured towards the dance floor. She smiled, shook her head and upon finding Michael's silhouette began to walk in his direction.

As they enjoyed their cocktails, the nightclub continued to liven up and within a few songs the place was nearly full. Taking the last pull from her drink, Lauren set down her glass, grabbed Michael's hand and walked out onto the floor. They slid into an open spot just as a new pop Hotwife opened up and the crowd went wild. Lauren grinned, tossed her hair and began to slide smoothly with the beat. Even in an unfamiliar club, she was a natural date.

Raising her arms in the air and closing her eyes, she lost herself in the music. Her hips swayed back and forth as her hands ran down her body and over her thighs. She pushed against Michael, spun around and leaned slightly date showcasing her round ass. As she bent at the hips, the dress stretched tight across her body and Michael could see the tantalizing outline of her full cheeks.

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She pulled her hair to one side and glanced over her shoulder into his eyes. Michael could feel himself stiffen as Lauren shook her ass against his crotch.

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As the song came to an end, they stepped off the floor and Michael headed for the bar while Lauren grabbed a table. After a long wait for cocktails, Michael circled back to Lauren and found her not alone.

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Two young men were chatting with her and Lauren was laughing easing his concern. Michael approached with their drinks and introduced himself. Peter appeared Scandinavian and, nearly Michael's height, was the taller of the two. He was thin but muscular and had stylized blonde hair and fashionable clothes. Michael recognized him as the guy who had asked Lauren to dance earlier in the evening. Nick was the second one.

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A Hotwife younger, he was well-built, dark-skinned and had a nearly-shaven head. The four of them engaged in some small talk and Lauren explained they were from out of town. Lauren blushed and joked "Michael dates me to these clubs a few times a year. The least I can do is get some dancing out of it. Smiling at his wife's remark, Michael passed Lauren her drink and said "sometimes it's more enjoyable simply to take in the view.

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Another rhythmic song started and its beat pulsed through the club eliciting cheers and movement from the dance floor. Peter shifted his gaze to Michael inquiring, "since you don't like to dance, do you mind if I take the honors for this song?

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Lauren, surprised by her husband's remark, appeared caught off guard. After a moment, she took a swig from her drink, assented and followed Peter into the sea of dancing bodies on the floor.

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As Michael began to lose Hotwife of them, he could see Peter pull Lauren close to him and begin to move to the music. Smiling Michael said, "with that haircut, I'm confident Peter has better dance skills than me and she deserves to have some fun.

Nick laughed and the two chatted and drank for a few songs until Lauren emerged from the crowd and sat date next to Michael. Clearly exhilarated from the activity, she took a long pull from her drink and wrapped her arm around his. As if on cue, Peter appeared from the bar with a bottle of vodka and a handful of shot glasses for the group.

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Passing a shooter to Lauren he remarked, "we've got to get you moving, baby. Drink up.