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Compared to people in the same situation a decade or so ago, today's singles can take advantage of many more accessories in their quest to find a fulfilling partnership.

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However, when it was created 15 years ago, it was meant to be something different: a video-dating website.

What is my age I am 24
Nationality: Indian
Eyes colour: Enormous blue eyes
I know: Spanish
Zodiac sign: My Zodiac sign Capricorn
I prefer to listen: Reggae

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Here's a little more info. They changed it to a general purpose video site after 5 days after nobody ed any videos although they offered 20 USD to each woman for ing a self-introduction video. This wayback machine is from April 28, Me at the Zoo[1] is from April 23, So technically speaking, someone did something. And 5 days is actually really 5 days Which brings the question - what is the second oldest YouTube video still on the site?

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Does that sound plausible and consistent with what YouTube pays? Is there any way to check if he has actually monetized his video? P0l83q4p1Hw3Ul on July 22, root parent next [—]. Turn off Adblock and see if an ad plays.

Thorrez on July 21, root parent next [—]. The comments on that video default to sorted by new. You can change it to sorted by top. The er chooses the default sort, but the default for the default is top.

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Founders do that? So that's why he talks about the long trunks of the elephants in that video. Is there a sequel? First ever tweet, HN comment, SO question I completely forgot about the version Bad times :. It's missing the posted version of the site.

CoffeeMeetsBagel briefly added a video feature where you could record your answer to a question they asked each day.

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They had it for a short time before they completely pulled it. I wonder if the ROI in terms of handling video bandwidth to conversion to dates wasn't really that much better than just still photos.

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TV youtube have dating makeup artists and lighting from every angle. As the former PM of a competing dating app, I agree. It's more likely that even in our modern age of ephemeral video youtube, the idea of recording a video to introduce yourself to strangers still introduces substantial friction and stress, which would turn people off from engagement even if it were optional. The real interesting part is how modern Google would have simply just executed the product today.

Launch seven slightly different platforms, all of which have the theoretical scalability of YouTube, four of them using AI. Then shelving half of them 5 sites later and killing all the content forever. Really interesting going back and dating what was on the front on some random day in Looking at what people were ing and what people were watching leaves me feeling a bit wistful.

It seems like it was a more authentic place before the money caught up with it. Everything on the Internet was much better before advertisers were willing to spend real money on the Internet. Once the sites began to take the Internet seriously, and companies committed to an advertising model, everything went to hell.

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Advertising ruins literally every communication medium: Your mailbox? Likely stuffed with junk. Your inbox?

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Likely stuffed with junk, or if it's not, make sure to check your spambox in case someone real is trying to contact you. Your phone?

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Nobody answers calls because they're mostly telemarketers. Yeah that's spammed to hell too. Covered in billboards, in a tacky Red Queen race that nobody actually wins.

1. ask kimberley

Public space? Nobody talks to each other in part because people who appear friendly are often trying to sell you something.

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And the massive societal cost of everyone expecting everything for free even though they were paying all along or being subsidized by suckers. It was also site before the influencers, celebrities, and frankly less educated ed. There's too much content now, and it's mostly low value. Deep, rich content and datings have evaporated save for a few vestiges such as HN.

Even this lacks the camaraderie of the forums and news groups of the past. I really would not call HN deep. It is just another public discussion site focused on programming. There are much more niche and focused places with higher quality, youtube they are, well, niche.

2. hayley quinn

It isn't even focused on programming, but "growth" and "startups". It lost the programming focus a while before PG left. I'd love to hear of a few. I always want to get into lobste. Subreddits are what's considered niche and high quality these days?

Please point out something legitimately wrong with those subreddits instead of just implying they're shitty by association with reddit. There are hard working people contributing great stuff and it just bothers me when people say stuff like this without pointing anything specific out.

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Just because there are terrible subreddits doesn't mean that all subreddits are terrible :. If someone recommends me a subreddit, I would check it out. Reddit is not inherently bad.

How one of the biggest video social media networks started as a dating site

However, you have to understand a lot of us have a negative perception of subreddits, youtube how many jerks, trolls and bullies participate in them. Even in the good ones there's so much negativity and discourtesy. It's so sad, I personally am afraid to participate site of the time because I admittedly have very thin skin and those kinds of interactions can ruin my day.

AskHistorians is far more anal than HN with regard to maintaining serious discussion; maybe not quite so rule-bound as StackExchange "delete this question with five answers and upvotes it's off-topic" but strict about being a sourced, on topic, no memes or humour -type of place. DanBC on July 22, root parent prev next [—]. Tildes is small but nice. Something Awful is genuinely good these days. It's like the forum equivalent of skimmed milk, where the fat in the milk are the analogous "toxic youtube.

Tildes is a nice place as well. Genuine question: what are some other communities on the internet that have a quality level similar to HN? I have really enjoyed this site and want to find one or two datings. The submission quality is high, and it is well moderated. MetaFilter has always had a pretty strong community. There's also an "ask" section, and ones for projects and music.

Overall, it's a good community for general discussion of things happening on and offline. As crazy as it is, the somethingawful forums have remained relatively good give or take over the last 20 years. I semi-chalk it up to the fact that the average age of the forum users is around years old.

It sounds like a small amount but I get the impression that it filters out the vast majority of shitty trolls. CriticalCathed on July 22, root parent prev next [—]. I really dating think SA after around and before that period are the same. Vastly different communities inhabiting the same body. I was on site in and I despise what its become.

As always, hope u got 10bux The What.